Trade Mission Ukraine: Life Science and Healt Care

Just before the Covid-19 crisis and the war we could combine our professional interest with a fantastic visit to Kiev.

Visiting the Embassy of The Netherlands in Kyiv
World Bank, Office Kyiv

In February 2020, Tagliente joined the trade mission life science and health care in Ukraine.  This mission was organized by RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), Taskforce Health Care and the Netherlands Embassy in Kyiv.   Health system transformation in Ukraine is ambitious and on a fast track. It was for us a special opportunity to talk to the Deputy Minister of Health, several Members of the Parliament, the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU)—established in 2018 as a single purchaser agency and in charge of introducing new health financing regulations with a special emphasis on strengthening public health services and health institutions.  Between 2015–2017,  the health reform focused on primary care. People choose their own family doctor and health financing was changed with the principle of money follows the patient. This year the focus is on hospitals. Ukraine has currently more than 1,200 hospitals.  Tagliente has discussed the possibility to support mental health in Ukraine. High priorities are deinstitutionalization  of people with mental illness, the reduction of stigma and the strengthening of community mental health with a strong role for primary care professionals. We believe our expertise and experience with mental health system transformation in the Netherlands and the Republic of Moldova could be helpful.